Children Basketball Arcade Game Rental Singapore

I bet the majority of you just like myself, loves to play and visit the basketball machine every single time you visit the arcade or even visit the arcade just to play the basketball machines.  Arcade basketball machine has always been a go-to game for most as it is a fun and yet exciting game for many.

Have you ever tried challenging your friend to a game just to see who scores the highest and can get the most balls in? Have you tried to play the game as many times as you can just to beat the high scores on the machines?

Well the great news is … with Gaming Lab you can now beat the queue and have the basketball machine all by yourself and play it all day while challenging all your friends to a game or two and even more!

Arcade Basketball Machines Arcade Basketball Machine at an event

For the young ones, don’t worry! We have a children’s basketball machine for the children to play at ease without struggling with the big machine that is probably ten times bigger than them!

In this way, both young and the young at hearts will be able to get their hands on these machines without having any worries!

Children Basketball Arcade Game Rental Singapore Kids Arcade Basketball Machine

Gaming lab offers a wide selection of arcade machines rental that you can choose from. From our gashapon machine, to spin the wheels for lucky draws to arcade machines such as arcade bowling, arcade basketball machine, king of hammer and many more!

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