Want fun in your comfort zone?

We can solve that for you! Gaming rooms are fun, recreational space that you can create, allowing space for fun and relaxation. Whether you want it at your break rooms or pantries so that your staff can play during their breaks or for them to wind down their stress when it gets overwhelming, or whether you want it at your house because there is an extra space or a bonding session with your loved ones?

Gaming Lab got it all covered for you! The good news is that we will be able to transform your comfort space into a gaming room filled with fun-filled and thrilling games that allows you to have a whale of a time with. From your favorite video games to your must-go-to when it comes to gaming, we can satisfy that wants of yours. With a gaming room, you can never just get enough with the games in it.

Arcade Game Machine Set Up Singapore

Time Crisis 2 Arcade Rental

Arcade Machines Rental Singapore Retro Arcade Machines Rental Singapore  Arcade Gaming Corner Set up Singapore

If you are looking at a themed game room, we can customize the machines such that it fits perfectly to your theme. Thus, no worries about that!  Else, if there are any items that you are looking for, we would be more than glad to assist you with it and provide you with suitable recommendations that will fit your needs. Let us transform your space into a gaming room specially customized and made for you.


To book our arcade games rental, contact us for price list!