Bishi Bashi Arcade Machine


I’m pretty sure we have all played this game with our friends and families before! It is a popular game at the arcade where it can be played with up to 3 players with a crazy pack of games in it for you to choose from and challenge yourself to break the levels!

Dimension: 117 x 98 x 225cm (H)


The Bishi Bashi Arcade Rental is 3-player arcade game whereby players are only required to control their own red, blue and green buttons. A cult classic from Japan developers, Konami!. Fun mini-games can be chosen and all the players have to do is to follow the instructions given. The best player will be determined by their ability to fulfill the objectives at the fastest rate! It is fun, yet competitive enough to make this game a whole lot entertaining for your guests. So have some Bishi Bashi fun at your parties with this entertaining arcade game!

Measurement: 117 x 98 x 225cm (H)
Requirement: 1 x powerpoint

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