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Did you know?

Bishi Bashi actually first started from Japan and is made by Japanese? The first debut of Bishi Bashi arcade game was actually back in 1996 and made a top hit making everyone craze over it, dragging their friends after school to play it. Even up till now, it is one of the well known and loved arcade game by many!

How does Bishi Bashi game works? Firstly, Bishi Bashi actually consists of three large buttons – Red , Green and Blue coloured individually. With these buttons , you get to play a whole series of mini games in the machine itself. It is called Bishi Bashi because it will make you BASH the buttons and not press it gently.

What’s even better apart from all the fun mini games is that unlike many fun arcade machines, Bishi Bashi actually allows up to 3 players playing at the same time. This means that more of your friends and families can play together , challenging the levels and breaking them!

Our Bishi Bashi is now available for rental and for sale, catering to your needs and wants !

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Bishi Bashi Arcade Machine Rental Singapore


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