Looking for F1 Racing Car Driving Simulator Rental in Singapore? Suitable for both adults and children, our F1 race simulator rental has got everything you want! Used and played by professional F1 Drivers, Gaming Lab racing car driving simulators has been everyone’s go to for corporate events, private parties, trade shows and even break rooms!

Race Simulators Rental Singapore

F1 Racing Car Driving Simulator Rental

Create a true attraction for your event with our premium driving simulator today! Take an adrenaline ride on this blood-pumping racing car driving simulator with us today! This arcade machine racing game is perfect for every F1 race car event. The emotion of racing will fascinate your guests at your party!

Racing Simulator Rental (Premium Model)

Our racing simulator rental (premium model) is everything you need to have for an indoor racing experience. A big 42 inch TV screen with a professional adjustable racing chair, our race simulator set up is suitable for both adults and children!

Racing Simulator Rental in Singapore

Additional Options

Gaming Lab is dedicated to provide a good quality SIM racing and F1 race simulator experience, thus we strive to offer customised solutions for our clients. Right from setting up and placing your branding on our simulator, all you have to do is to explain your requirements and leave everything to us. Just be sure to enjoy our racing simulator game to the fullest:

  • Virtual reality (VR) for an intense experience for the player
  • F1 Decorative items like pit boards, Formula 1 tyres, flags etc
  • Better G-force simulation with motion system (Ultimate Model)
  • Triple Screen for a “surround” experience (Ultimate Model)

Racing Simulator Rental (Ultimate Model)

Our racing simulator rental (ultimate model) is everything you wish to have as a professional racer and an event planner who wish to give your best to your client! Imagine having triple screen for a “surround” effect, steering wheel that looks and feel the same as the F1 car, and a seat that is the exact same design as a professional F1 car with motion system! This is as close as you can get for a true racing experience just like being in a real F1 race car!


F1 Racing Simulators Rental

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