Large Gashapon Machine Rental

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Large Gashapon Machine Rental


Gashapon machine was actually named from the sound made when you use the machine. The word ” Gasha” came from the hand cracking action of the machine when you turn the knob after inserting your money and the word ” pon” was actually from the sound where the capsule lands in the collection tray. Gashapon is a machine that was first popular in Japan and now it has spread all around the world.

In Singapore, it is called a capsule machine and it is commonly seen in shopping malls and coffee shops below your house. I believe that when we were all young we used to drag our parents and ask for $1 coins just so that you can try your luck, hoping to get the toy that you want based on the pictures on the machine. It was a fun and exciting activity as you insert the coin and turn the knob anticipating the prize that you will get with just $1.

In times now, gashapon machine is slowly disappearing as time pass. However, to keep this treasure we are offering gashapon machine up for grabs! You can now implement it in your event as a creative way to give out your door gifts or even for lucky draw purposes or simply for pleasure! From the big gashapon machine which can fit up to 80 capsules to the small gashapon which can fit up to 50 capsules, we have it all covered for you!

Small Capsule MachineLarge Gashapon Machine for Sale Singapore

Gaming lab offers a wide selection of arcade machines that you can choose from. From our gashapon machine, to spin the wheels for lucky draws to arcade machines such as arcade bowling, arcade basketball machine, king of hammer and many more!

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