Gashapon Vending Machine



Gashapon Vending Machine business in Singapore may be rare, but still a profitable venture with extremely low start up capital. Started back in 1965 in Japan, Gashapon is known for its cheap and small toys where parents would buy for their children to keep them entertained. Today, Gashapon is more than just a toy for kids, but also a collectable toys for anime lovers. You may find these gashapon machines available at various shopping malls around Singapore, and machines come in different design and concept as well. Some of the gashapon machines are even use for lucky draw equipment for promotional events.

Dimension: 28cm x 45cm x 78cm

Dispense 75mm capsule ball – 38 pieces (Full Load)

Machine with Stand – $480

(75mm balls) – $0.60/ball

Rates are inclusive of

  • Delivery and Set up

Mode: Free Play, SG$1 or Token

Wheels are removable

Dimensions N/A
Package A / Package B

Package A, Package B


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