Guitar Freak Arcade Machine

Guitar Freaks: Konami’s arcade game lets players simulate guitar playing with a unique controller, matching on-screen notes with button presses and strums. It offers a rhythmic and engaging experience for players to showcase their virtual guitar skills.

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Guitar Freaks is an arcade music game developed by Konami that brings the excitement of playing the guitar to the gaming world. As part of the Bemani series, Guitar Freaks features a unique guitar-shaped controller with fret buttons and a strumming mechanism. Players match on-screen notes with their button presses and strums, creating a rhythmic and melodic experience. With a diverse music selection spanning various genres, Guitar Freaks offers an immersive and enjoyable arcade experience for players eager to showcase their virtual guitar skills.

Dimensions: 1.89m by 1.2m by 1.83m (H)

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