Foosball Soccer Table Rental

Have you always spent money on playing the soccer table (aka Foosball Table) when you hit the nearest CC or any chalets ?

Specially visit them just to play with the machine?

Well the good news is .. you don’t have to do that anymore!

Gaming lab is now providing soccer table for both rental and purchase! Should you want to rent it for your upcoming birthday party , wedding or just a casual family gathering , we got it covered for you! Should you want to purchase one so that you can play it with your loved ones in all you want we have that covered too! Foosball table has always been in demand and a popular choice amongst the young ones and the young at hearts. It brings about joys of laughter and allow everyone to have a whole lot of fun with.

A soccer table machine can either be played with two players or more depending on your preferences! All you have to do is to hold the handle and try to kick the soccer ball into the goal to score a point. At the end of the game , the player with the higher score wins! This might sound easy , but with your opponent protecting their goal with the same aim as you to score , it can be challenging but yet fun. At an low and affordable price , you will be able to get this foosball table and make it yours anytime!

Foosball Table Rental Singapore

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Gaming lab provide you with a wide selection of arcade games that you can choose from and we assure you that you will definitely find all your must go tos in an arcade!

Simply contact us to find out more or make a purchase with us and we will bring the foosball table to you whenever and wherever!


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